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Tunnels & Trolls - Solo #3. Labyrinth

Published by Flying Buffalo

10th Printing dated November 1982


GRADING NOTES -  Some small spine creases.  Two price stickers to front cover. Light scuffing along spine edge on back cover.  Light scuffing to back cover

ISSUE NOTES - They were not lying, the rumours were true.  Before you is the entrance to The Labyrinth.  If the tales can be believed the place is full of monsters; Seven headed hydras, a tricephalic hound of hell, huge one eye giants and women who lure you to your death with plaintive songs of seduction.  And it is said, here even the gods wander the earth.  The Labyrinth is a place where many go in but few find their way out.  Fewer yet are the adventurers who are brave enough to face the Minotaur, the fearsome man-bull who rules the Labyrinth.  Yet even they out number the survivors of a confrontation with that Beast...