One of the benefits of having traded for over 4 years now is having the data to compare the present with previous years. Looking back to February 2023 it was incredibly quiet, the quietest month of the year in fact. Whether that’s because people are still paying off Christmas or are re-assessing their finances for the coming year, February has always been quieter than January. Until this year….!

By the end of February 2024 I had pretty much taken double what I had back in 2023. Now that’s in part to a couple of factors

  1. I have introduced another ‘launch’ of stock into the store on a Saturday
  2. Having picked up a couple of collections I feel my stock position is better than twelve months ago
  3. The average order value has gone up which possibly indicates that people are starting to have a little more disposable income

I think the other factor is that I’ve now been around for over 4 years so I am no longer considered an unknown quantity in comic collecting circles. And whilst I still believe there are thousands of dedicated and casual comic collectors alike out there yet to discover The Unreality Store, having a proven track record and also over 750 5* reviews on Trustpilot means that people can repeatedly buy with confidence.

Mid month I sold over 50 Dark Horse Aliens and Predator comics which formed a large part of a Thursday release. Without fail I always seem to sell Aliens & Predator issues. Interestingly apart from the first couple of Aliens and Predator issues I wouldn’t say there are any particular ‘keys’ mainly because most of the characters and aliens die in their respective mini series or one shots but the fan base that love the films always seem keen on getting more stories via the comic book medium so it’s always difficult to keep these in stock.

Things did quieten down a little towards the end of February so I ran a couple of flash sales - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on DC Comics and 60% off Independents. I’m always a little conscious that running sales too frequently lessens their impact but as an online store the ability to run promotions to shift stock is rather limited. Nevertheless these two flash sales saw Batman, The Shadow, Green Lantern and even some Wildstorm titles find new homes.

Whilst online sales increased conversely sales from Vintage Guru, Brackley Antiques Cellar and Kibworth Antiques centre were thin during February. I’m conscious that finding the right stock for these outlets and restocking them is a balancing act - it takes a while to determine the customer base and then just how regularly new items should be introduced. For example at Vintage Guru I sell a lot of roleplaying material and manga whereas at Brackley I sell comics and novels. Kibworth has the best selection of back issue comics but at the moment I can’t seem to get people from Leicester and the the surrounding area into there to rifle through the boxes. I may have to do more on social media to trumpet the fact there’s somewhere that sells back issue comics in Leicestershire.

As the Unreality Store evolves and new opportunities arise I have decided to end my retirement from comic conventions and have booked slots at Striking Events Peterborough and Leicester comic cons in March. If you are planning on attending any of these then please drop by the stall and say hi! I may be slightly jaded and in need of coffee at Leicester as it’s the day after my birthday 😂😂

To close it’s worth saying that I love selling comics (and RPGs and other stuff) and feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to have started The Unreality Store. Your support, as always in this journey is greatly appreciated.

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