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Valar & Maiar - The Immortal Powers

MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying Game)


I.C.E (Iron Crown Enterprises)

DATED 1993


GRADING NOTES -  Squarebound. Some heavy spine creases.  Small area of damage to spine edge on front cover.  Scuffing along spine edge on front and back cover. Wear to all edges. Small split to leading edge of front cover.  Some small creases to bottom right hand corner of front cover.  Some small creases to bottom left hand corner of back cover

ISSUE NOTES - In Valar & Maiar you learn about Balrogs as well as other greater spirits (good and evil) inhabiting JRR Tolkien's marvellous world.  These immortal beings, the mighty Ainur, helped shape Middle Earth - the place elves call Endor.  Their story dominates much of the continent's troubled history,  Fallen Ainur, Morgoth, Sauron and the Balrogs forever haunt the land twisting Endor's peoples and perverting it's politics.  Faithful Valar, like Orome and Aule, serve as patrons of the Free People.  Wise Maiar like Gandalf and Tom Bombadil act as caretakers of the balance of things.  Each has a place in Eru's scheme and each has a story that colours the grand saga of Middle Earth.